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BidQik for Architects

Low prices win work in the construction industry. Unfortunately the lowest bid you receive is not always the most accurate.

The reality is that general contractor estimators bid multiple projects simultaneously with the pressure to get the bid out the door and move onto the next. With time constraints, they may at times bid projects with less than adequate subcontractor and supply coverage, without document clarifications or reviewing project scopes with their lowest bidders.

After their initial Invitation to bid is sent, estimators spend much of the time attempting to locate bid coverage via e-mail and phone at the expense of focusing on the accuracy of their lowest quoted prices. This can and does result in unexpected change orders. Costs go up and subcontractors and suppliers may not receive change orders they feel are justified.

On the other hand, you receive many requests from subcontractors and suppliers for your project's plan holder list - some you’ve had time to respond to and some not. Subcontractors and suppliers lean toward bidding projects with the most general contractor coverage. When you don't have the time to respond to subcontractor and supplier requests, your project moves lower on their list of priorities - costing your client coverage.

Invitation to Bid Systems in Use Today Won't Resolve these Issues!

At BidQik, any member general contractor, subcontractor or supplier can post a new project or commit to an existing project in seconds and for pennies per project. Architects can post projects in seconds and at no cost ever.

The Process Is Easy