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Find bid coverage fast and affordably.

Are you a general contractor seeking subcontractors and suppliers? A subcontractor or supplier seeking general contractors? Either way, time and costs associated with locating coverage for your competitively bid projects are substantial.

BidQik bridges the gap in the current Invitation-to-Bid Process, assisting bidders in locating coverage. It doesn't matter to whom you've sent an Invitation to Bid or from whom an Invitation to Bid was received. You'll get targeted company, estimator and contact information, project by project. BidQik is fast, user friendly and affordable.

Register your company for a 90-day Free Trial now. No need to provide credit card information, and you can post all the public and private projects for which you're seeking bid coverage in both the U.S. and Canada.

90 Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required
Bid Coverage.
  • No software to purchase.
  • Supplements all ITB systems.
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